Here is a picture of Adapt It WX (Linux port) running on the OLPC as of 17 Sept 2008.

Image is 425kb.

There are a few issues to correct including:

  1. Toolbar buttons are too small (even so, two of the right most buttons don't fit within the screen), so some redesign needs to be done to remove some of the less used toolbar buttons from the toolbar (something we've planned to do for some time).
  2. Some static text within read-only text controls is not all displayed because the text control's vertical height is not sized correctly. The text can all be read, but user must scroll to see all of it, which should not be necessary.
  3. A few dialogs need to be redesigned for better fit on the screen.

Even with the above adjustments that are needed, we were pleased with the relatively snappy performance of Adapt It on the XO, and with how well the sizer mechanism within wxWidgets works even on the constrained environment of the XO.