Launching Adapt It the first time

As you install Adapt It, the process gives you the choice to run the application or not. You can launch Adapt It at anytime if you should choose not to run the application after installing. To do this, use the Windows Start button and select Adapt It from the All Programs menu.

The launching interface

Whenever you choose to launch Adapt It for the first time, the first thing you see a splash window.

Click the OK button to make it disappear and to continue in the set up process.

After the Welcome window disappears, you enter the . This process allows you to set up the application for work, and get you started working on your first document. See Create a project for information about creating new projects and documents.

Adapt It's setup process

As part of the setup process, Adapt It creates a directory structure. You cannot control this process since the application needs to know exactly where its files are. Adapt It creates a folder called Adapt It Work or Adapt It Unicode Work in your My Documents folder. This folder and its subfolders are the storage locations for the data files used in your adaptation projects.

Within the Work folder, Adapt It sets up a subfolder for each adaptation projects. The first time you launch Adapt It, you create your first project and Adapt It creates only one project subfolder. If and when you create other projects, Adapt It adds other subfolders as necessary. Inside each project subfolder, Adapt It stores a knowledge base file, a backup file for the knowledge base, and a glossing knowledge base file. The knowledge base is a storage location for adaptations in the target language by source language word or phrase. See Knowledge Base overview for more information. The glossing knowledge base performs a similar function if you decide to use the glossing feature.

Within each project folder, Adapt It creates a subfolder called Adaptations. This folder is where the application stores adaptation document files. An adaptation document contains the adaptations you make for source texts that you are translating. Any type of source texts may be used since Adapt It imposes no constraint on the information content. Each project has only one knowledge base, but potentially dozens of document files, one for each individual text you adapt.

You may choose to operate in Book folders mode. In Book folder mode, the project folder contains a separate subfolder for each "book" that you decide to use. The default set of folders are based on the books of the Bible with the addition of a special folder called Other Texts. Other Texts can be used to hold adaptations of non-biblical texts. See for more information.


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