Transform adaptations into glosses

Transforming adaptations into glosses is an advanced capability of Adapt It. This process accomplishes two tasks:

See the caution below before beginning this process.

If this project meets the terms stated in the warning, do the following steps:

  1. Start a new project.

    Your project should not have adaptations or documents yet. If some for reason there are, use Windows Explorer to remove them from the project.

  2. Do not create a new document.

    Continue through the startup process but do not select a source document. Adapt It may give you warning messages. These can be safely ignored at this point.

    You should see the Main Screen without any text in the window.

  3. Select Transform Adaptations Into Glosses… on the Advanced menu.

    The computer displays the following dialog:

  4. Read the cautions on the dialog. Click Yes only if you are ready to proceed. Otherwise click No to cancel the transform process.

    Adapt It displays the following dialog which contains the names of projects which may contain the adaptation you wish to use.

  5. Select the project which has adaptations you want to transform into glosses in your project.

  6. Click Open.

    Adapt It gives you the following warning:

  7. Click Yes only if you willing to clear the knowledge bases of all entries. Otherwise, click No to stop the process.

    Adapt It then shows the following dialog which allows you to specify the documents from the other project that will get transformed:

  8. Select any document you do not want included, and click the red X button to move the unwanted document to the list at right.

    This list at the left should contain only the files you wish to use.

    See Remove unwanted files from list for more information.

  9. Click OK to start the transformation using the documents at left, or click Cancel to abort the process.

When the process is complete you may open a document and begin adapting the document. To see the third language glosses while adapting select See Glossing on the Advanced menu.


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