Glossing overview

Uses for Glossing

Glossing is an advanced feature of Adapt It and has many uses:

Displaying Glosses

Adapt It can display a separate glossing line in addition to the navigation text, source text and target text lines in each strip. To display glosses, click See Glossing on the Advanced menu. Adapt It adds a gloss line to each strip in its display showing any glosses that have been made. Click See Glossing again to hide the gloss line. You must click See Glossing before you can switch Adapt It into Glossing mode (see below).

Creating Glosses and Glossing Mode

In order to create glosses, first display the gloss line (refer to the See Glossing command above). Then, check the Glossing check box on the mode bar to switch Adapt It into glossing mode. While in glossing mode, Adapt It maintains a knowledge base for glosses which is separate from its normal adapting knowledge base. See Glossing mode, and the Create a glossed text procedure.

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