Adapt It structure overview

Adapt It has a structure that is different from other applications. If you understand the structure, you may be able to resolve some problems you could encounter.

There are three main topics related to the Adapt It structure:

File Structure

Adapt It uses and can work with a number of file types. It organizes these files in a particular way and understanding this organization can help you to find files that you need. The file structure represents how Adapt It works with the computer.

Projects, books and documents

All work in Adapt It is based on using projects, books, and documents. As you understand the organization of these topics you can better organize you work in Adapt It.

User Interface Structure

Adapt It has its own unique user interface. This interface is designed to for you to work with the application to accomplish your work. Adapt It provides some flexibility in how you use it. As you understand the options, you can find the best way for you to work with Adapt It.

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