How Adapt It does adaptation

Adapt It assists the process of adaptation by automating many of the tedious parts of the work. It speeds up the adaptation process by allowing you to concentrate on the content of the adaptation rather than recording and looking up adaptations of words.

The key to the automation process is the use of the Adapt It Knowledge Base. The knowledge base stores source words and phrases along with one or more adaptations in the target language. As a result, Adapt It can look up each word or phrase in the source text and supply an adaptation for that word or phrase. See Retrieving words and phrases from the knowledge base for more information. When Adapt It encounters a word or phrase that does not have an entry in the knowledge base the application waits for you to supply the adaptation. Your response is then stored in the knowledge base for use when the word is encountered again. As a result, the knowledge base becomes "smarter" as more text is adapted.

Normally Adapt It builds an empty knowledge base when you create a new project and you have to supply all of the adaptations. Thus at the beginning the adaptation process is relatively slow (See the note below). However, as the knowledge base gets smarter, things speed up. Depending on the status of your project, you can use one of adaptation modes:


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