Adapt It Advanced Topics overview

Adapt It is designed to be easy to use and does not require you to have a high level of technical knowledge. However, the translation process itself can involve complex problems; Adapt It provides support for dealing with those complexities. We have grouped these more complex topics and called them Advanced Topics.

Adapt It can be used with other translation applications such as Consistent Changes and the Keyman text entry software. These helps discuss techniques of how to use them with Adapt It, but we do not attempt to provide more than the minimum information about them. You need to refer to the application's documentation for a full understanding of them.

In other cases, the translation problems relate to the special qualities of the languages involved or the process of preparing the translation for publication. Again, we do not present a full discussion of those issues, but just how they affect the use of Adapt It. Such topics can include languages that use a right to left layout, and the use of SFM codes.

Finally there are some topics that deal with special features of Adapt It. These features, such as Filtering and Free Translation, provide Adapt It with advanced capabilities. These capabilities are not required to do basic adaptation. The discussion for these special features contains more information than the other topics.

The Adapt It Advanced Topics include:

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